Don’t tell me how to tweet!

Recently, I’ve noticed that when people aren’t telling people how to blog, they’re telling them how to use social media instead. Social media- the beauty of which being that you can connect with people all over the world and keep them informed of what’s happening in your life. Your profile is your own and you have the freedom to update it as you wish. So, here is the problem with people telling people what to do on twitter- and here is my thoughts on it: Whatever you do, don’t tell me how to tweet. And don’t tell me how to blog and tweet either.

I read a tweet today (I forget who by, if it was you, sorry!) that went along the lines of “I don’t understand why someone would blog and not be on twitter”. Well said. Its the best way to get your blog out there and LOADS of bloggers use it to pimp their posts. Thats half the reason I go on there and mainly how I keep up with so many. So it annoys me when people complain that people are pimping their posts. You don’t have to lump it; if it annoys you then you know what to do!

What is it with people who insist on telling others how to use twitter? Isn’t it up to the indivdual how they use it? Some may want to only tweet business updates, others want a conversation. Some want to promote ther blog and have a conversation too. Same as in real life, no? If you don’t like it, don’t follow them. Simple. Or is it?

Is twitter really just a place where some people can bash out their frustrations on others, under the veil of anonymity and with hundereds or even thousands of miles between them and their targets? Arguments make me really uncomfortable in real life and on twitter they make me even more so. To see it written down in black and white, carried on over more than 140 characters… well, don’t these people have better things to do?

Why must some people criticise and condemn others for the way that they use social media? Its as simple as clicking a button (unfollow) and you don’t need to darken everyone else’s timelines any more. Isn’t life too short to furiously type ‘advice’ to others when you could be out there, living a real life and having real fun? And now I am here, wasting my time writing this ranty post when actually I should be somewhere else. Aaaagggh!

I just needed to vent. Don’t tell me how to use twitter. Just don’t follow me, ok?

*NB this post is not based on any people that I currently follow and is not meant to offend anyone. It’s just a general observation. It just annoys me, that’s all!!

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23 responses to “Don’t tell me how to tweet!

  • Rozinna Dharamsi

    quote ‘Arguments make me really uncomfortable in real life and on twitter they make me even more so.’
    I know how you feel!

  • Multiple Mummy

    I totally agree! I love twitter. I use it for pimping and conversation. I love getting to know other bloggers but also I am new to blogging so am using it as a tool to see if people like what I write. It is not complicated. I agree with the don’t follow or read if you don’t like. Blogging and twitter are marmite. Just because someone does something in the way you wouldn’t doesn’t make it wrong, just different, and that is why is are all friends in real life with different people. It is really refreshing to see you right this, because sometimes the feeling of rules and etiquette can be overwhelming online. There seems to me more ‘policy’ than in real life. Good for you to rant…and that is allowed too! if you can’t use your blog as a place to express how you feel, where can you? x

  • Kat @ iRant iRave

    I’ve seen the odd tweet like that recently and find it puzzling. Why state you’ll unfollow anyone who pimps too much when you could just do it? Yes you get the odd person who gets offended at being unfollowed but that is their problem. This whole “I shall dictate how you tweet” attitude is just ridiculous.

  • Mcai7td3

    Well said!! I hate the way people like to act like the blogging /twitter / Internet police. I saw a tweet recently saying how my h they dislike bothers doing giveaways! So don’t enter then!

  • Kate Takes 5

    Don’t tell me not to tell you how to tweet! Joking. Totally agree with you – use it how you wish and leave others to do the same. Then again if you want to use it to tell people how not to do things I suppose that’s your perogative….ok now I’m confused.

  • The Domestic Anarchist

    Here, here!! I’ve only been blogging a few months and not much at all the last couple to other commitments but the one thing I’ve noticed is that there are no end of people taking it upon themselves to act as the twitter/blogging police.

    So far I haven’t come under their censure but have seen others shot down in flames and it leaves me feeling rather uncomfortable. Completely agree with what you’ve said if you don’t like something don’t look or unfollow. I too use twitter to follow blogs and it’s much easier to see a tweet that catches your eye and click the link, in fact, that is what brought me here!!

    Personally, if you see someone blogging/tweeting something that you believe contravenes some sort of etiquette then DM or PM them don’t humilate them for the twittersphere to see.

    Great post, as usual xxx

  • TheBoyandMe

    Agree with everything you’ve said and the other comments above. The amount of people who have appointed themselved as either blogging police or twitter police lately has irritated the hell out of me! I’m off to write a sponsored post & tweet about it 3 times, so nurgh!

  • Anna

    Things I have noticed about mum bloggers since becoming one myself:

    The mum blogger community is so supportive and helpful and friendly, there is always someone to offer advice / a virtual shoulder to cry on.

    The mum blogger community is so opinionated and competitive, and there is always someone pouring scorn on others’ actions / decisions.

    Like you said, if you don’t like something someone does, ignore it or don’t follow them. Simples.

    Ace rant! x

  • HerMelness Speaks

    It has always fascinated me the amount of headspace that is given to something that is not liked. I talk about detractors as well on my blog today so this post resonated. Thoughtfully and well put.

  • Crystal Jigsaw

    Each to their own! If we had to follow rules and be told how to tweet and blog, I think I’d give up on it. Those people who think they can dictate and lecture others on how to use social networking should get down from their high horse and remember we are all different. If I don’t like someone on twitter, I unfollow. I’ve recently learned not to let it bother me when people unfollow me; who cares if someone doesn’t follow me anymore who I’ve never spoken to?! But some people take it so seriously, get infuriated and tweet about being unfollowed. Personally, I’d rather not broadcast that I’d been followed, lol.

    CJ xx

  • Midlife Singlemum

    I get unfollowed all the time – my number of followers jumps up and down a couple all the time. At first I got offended but now I don’t. I also found myself getting irritated when there were loads of blatent blog plugs. Then I remembered that I had only joined twitter for that exact purpose (the social benefits were a surprising plus). So now I plug my blog with gay abandon – that’s what it’s for after all and if you can”t beat them….

  • fayC

    Here here, well said!

    I’m a new blogger & spent time looking at others and ‘stealing/borrowing how other bloggers did things (how or where did most people put this widget or that field. Took the bits I liked) and then spent a lovely couple of days redesigning. Loved it!

    2 days later an expert messaged & made a recommendation that I change something…..back the way it was. I was so upset. Then I got a grip and thought, ok they were just trying to be helpful ( although it was unsolicited ) I like the way it looks, it’s mine, thank you not yours, so I chose not to change it.

    You have the choice to take feedback & act upon it. Saying that though, people should ask before actually offering it!!!

  • waterbirthplease

    I love this post for two reasons. Firstly because it’s spot on! Secondly because I know you and you’re just so not a ranty person, so big up to ya! x

  • michelletwinmum

    Lol at you and your rant. Just found this via you pimping on twitter – heavens above!

    I had a twitter conversation about blog pimping just last night, did you see it? and I have just written a post around it, asking people how much they pimp on twitter (and boy do I hate that word!) as I am genuinly interested.

    Mich x

  • Bod for tea

    Here here! I read a similar post the other day on Mummyventing and ended up nearly writing a book in the comments! Live and let live, and if you can’t say something nice, say nothing. Rules to live by online methinks.

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