Blogs I love right now!!

I’ve wanted to do this for so long and when I read a post by the fabulous The Boy and Me this week, I decided it had to be done. I just want to share with you some of my favorite blogs right now. Add them to your blog roll.

First of all, you need to read When Will He Say It? By the Boy and Me. I actualy cried when I read it. This post speaks volumes about the love between a mother and a child and that ever-so special moment when they tell you they love you. It’s gorgeous.

You also have to read I Can’t Believe I’m not Better by the fabulous Sandy at Not Just The Blues. This is a brand new blog and I am so happy to see it’s existence. Sandy wrote an amazingly emotional post over at Maternity Matters, Tackling Taboo, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from her.

My next recommendation comes from another new blogger who I have been in contact with. This lady is so brave and such an amazing writer. She blogs at Attempted Suicide. An Attempt at Recovery, and tells the painful story of her suicide attempt and how she and her family are now picking up the pieces. Butterflies and Hurricanes is an extremely powerful post; you must read her blog.

I hope to do another post like this. These are the three that have affected me this week.


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