Show off Showcase!

ShowOff Showcase

The one about birthdays. The Boy and Me’s beautiful boy is two on Sunday, hence the theme. Since becoming a mother, I have always ALWAYS spent my daughter’s birthday in tears. On her first birthday I was violently ill and spent the first half of the day in bed, heartbroken that I hadn’t even been able to watch her open her presents. I’ve always found her birthday so emotional, like I couldn’t quite believe the enormity of having brought her into the world. Of course, the drama of her birth always reduced me to tears long before I ever realised it.

For the Show Off Showcase, I have chosen the post that I wrote three days after Luka’s 1st birthday. This was before I had admitted to the blogging world that I was traumatised by his birth. Before I had even written his birth story. This is a post that documents the strength I found from somewhere to keep it together on a day I had secretly dreaded for so long. I kept it together because of a tiny gesture from my beautiful boy.

Read my post: Happy Birthday


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