Good Bloggers Pay it Forward

I have been given an award and ususally I don’t always get around to passing them on. Sorry. Most of the time Iiether forget or am unable to create extra hours in my day. This one is different though because I was tagged by The Boy and Me.
I love The Boy and Me because her blog is fab and she is one of the most loyal, supportive, kind bloggers you will find. She always passes it on, takes the time to comment and expresses her views in a supportive manner. She engages in the parent blogger community, is one of the reasons why I carried on blogging after thinking nobody was reading- and one of the reasons why I am a finalist in the MADs awards So… when she passed me this award, I had no choice really.

It’s a little like playing virtual tag really isn’t it? I get tagged and so I, in turn, tag five others. I’ve decided to tag just four though, I hope that’s ok. I’ve chosen my fellow finalists in the most inspiring blogger category of the MADs.

Kylie at Not Even a Bag of Sugar

Claire at A Boy with Aspergers

Merry at A Patch of Puddles

Luschka at Diary of a First Child

Pass it on, guys!


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