Emotional Baggage

Emotional baggage.
We all have it, right? I think sometimes readers of my blog assume I have a lot more than others. I don’t think I do, we all have our little pockets of emotional stuff we carry around with us. Some of us wear them as back-packs, allowing them to weigh us down now and then. Some of us wear them as record bags, across our chests, like a dead weight when we breathe in. Some of us wear them as cute little hand-bags, tucking them away and only bringing them out after a glass of wine or two. Some of us haul them round in heavy black bags, like huge, ugly sacks of rubbish. Some of us keep them in our pockets, hidden away like secrets.

I hold my emotional baggage in all of these ways. I talk about things a lot; I write about things too. I analyse things too much in my mind and I make things seem worse than they actually are sometimes. I’m also overly-sensitive at times and I am liable to cry easily.

That’s me. That’s my baggage.

Some of the stuff on my blog has been written without my thinking about it. What I mean is, I write it, I post it and then I realise that I have opened one of those bags without meaning to. Please don’t think that I am a gibbering mess; I’m quite sane, really. Please don’t think that I sit at home crying about the stuff that has happened in my life- there is far too much good stuff.
I’m no different to you. You have your baggage too. You just carry it differently.


6 responses to “Emotional Baggage

  • TheBoyandMe

    Oh dear lord, I hope I’ve not made you think you’re a fruitloop?

  • Midlife Singlemum

    Actually I admire the way you write about your baggage. I would like to but I don’t have the courage in case I cause trouble within the family – even though my sisiter is the only one who reads my blog. Good for you.

  • Anna

    But you write so beautifully and honestly, and if you didn’t write all these things, then over-sensitive, over-analysing, emotional, weepy people like me would think we were all alone x

  • Lee

    I think the reason why many of us have blogs is because there is no forum for us to express our baggage. Our partners are sick of hearing about it (having never really heard it), and we don’t want to dump our worst on our close family and friends as they then worry about us. True emotional connection is sadly quite rare.

    I think that it’s healthy to have a look at our baggage every now and then and give it the respect it deserves.

    xx Lee

  • Erica

    I’m the same way, my blog & Twitter are my ways “out.” I used to worry about what people thought but then I stopped and just worried about what wks for me. In doing so, I realized I had the courage to say what many can’t & in releasing I was helping them too. So, keep on opening your pretty purse, your ugly bag, your backpack etc, you never know who you help by helping yourself.

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