Mum’s Web-TV are you up for the Nell McAndrew challenge?

Something I have never told you guys is that I swear by exercise DVDs and have quite a little collection now. It all started when I had my daughter and I was given a yogalates DVD to get back in shape. I began to hoard them because, quite frankly, I found that each new DVD I bought quickly began to get a little, well… boring. I always resorted back to yogalates, which I combined with power-pram-walks. When my daughter outgrew her pram, I needed a DVD with a little more oomph. Enter Nell McAndrew. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a body like that after kids?!

I am a fan of her DVDs, which is why when the lovely Jessica emailed me this morning to tell me that the fitness queen herself is starring on Mum’s Web-TV on Wednesday, especially to take questions from mums, I jumped at the chance to link to the show here. The show is to go live at 2pm Wednesday 8th June.
Because the guys at Mum’s Half Hour can put it so much better than me, I won’t rave too much more. Except I must tell you that I will be tuning in to see what Nell has to offer by way of advice on fitness and nutrition. Well, Cybermummy is less than three weeks away and then I have Florida to consider! Detox starts here!
If you want to submit a question to Nell, click on the link below and fill in the form. See you there!


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