So long @SusuRem… hello @Ghostwritermumm!

Well, I did it. I changed my Twitter name to match my blog name, since all but three or four of my followers know me through my blog. The others know me in person so I figured they wouldn’t mind. Also Jen at The Madhouse made me feel really guilty last night for confusing her so I thought it was about time! I am now @Ghostwritermumm!
So, how confused am I right now? I changed my avatar too and now some people are following ghostwritermumm who were already following @SusuRem. Um, I don’t know what that means. Also, I am having to re-follow those I thought I already was and the number of people I follow is going up and up and up… where will it stop?! Do I have two personas now? Am I a little like Clark Kent, popping into a phone booth as SusuRem and emerging as the crime-busting Ghostwritermummy? Well, no. But I like the idea.
So there you have it. Changing your name on twitter confuses simple people (me) but at least my user name matches my blog now. Kind of. Couldn’t fit the ‘y’ on the end. But I’m not changing it again.


2 responses to “So long @SusuRem… hello @Ghostwritermumm!

  • Blue Sky

    I am completely confused now with my various online personalities…and I’ve considered having two twitter accounts. One for the blog and one for other stuff. But I’m afraid that I’ll lose a lot of the connections that i’ve made. Well done you x

  • Bod for tea

    Good for you, de-cluttering your social media life! Very organised of you. Off to make sure I’m following the new you! 😀

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