How to keep older kids amused in the great outdoors

Following on from my previous post about kids and why they love being outdoors, I thought I would quickly post this beore we actually go out. We all know that toddlers seem to spend their days being constantly amazed by all the small things in life. Like, WOW a stone or WOW a leaf or WOW a cigarette butt.. You get the idea. So how do you keep older kids amused outside, away from the playgrounds, amusement arcades and toy shops? Well, I’ve got an idea!

My daughter has a friend over to play today and we are going for a walk around Jumbles. Not the jungle as she originally thought today (and panicked because she doesn’t like snakes), it’s a reservoir and you can have a really good walk around it. Fascinating for a toddler, but perhaps not so much for a six year old. That’s why I decided to introduce a bit of healthy competition.

My daughter and her friend shall be armed with a clipboard (yes, I am a teacher!) and a list of things they must find whilst we are on our walk. Things such as ‘s stone shaped like an object’ and ‘a leaf with two different colours on it’. This will hopefully keep them amused for a while, until the inevitable ‘Look how big this stick is!’ and ‘My feet hurt now!’ exclamations.

We will also have a picnic. Why not? Kids love roughing it on a centimetre piece of blanket with their hair whipping into their eyes as they try to eat sandwiches and keep ants away from them at the same time. Again, this will be a competition. Look how so and so is eating their crusts, etc.

Finally, we will use natural items to construct an obstacle course and perform a Krypton Factor style finale. Yay! Hope my daughter wins (I’m very competitive…). We will of course be on the look out for interesting items to add to the craft box back home and things to dangle from the wind chime we’re making. Oh and flowers for the book we’re pressing them in. Oh and then there’s the poo game: first one to spot poo on the floor has to yell REALLY loudly that there is poo in the vicinity. They love this game.

That’s not it. When we get home we will have a quiz, with prizes, about things we’ve seen.

So that’s how I would make a walk around a reservoir interesting for older kids. What would you do? Sometimes its nice to get away from the TV and the soft play and all of that.


This post is being linked to the Tots 100 Outdoor Adventures blog hop and I will be posting an update as to how long I kepe boredom at bay….



*There is still time to vote for me in the MAD blog awards, for most inspiring blogger! Ah, go on! You want to really…


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