Cybermummy Meet and Greet

I have finally got around to doing my Cybermummy meet and greet post, thanks to recent posts from the lovely Jayne and the equally as love Kate. Yes! It IS June and I WILL be there, thanks to the terrific Kiddy, makers of fabulous car seats. Have you been over to their Facebook page, by the way? There are links to the Kiddy family blog– I have  post on there!

Anyway, the reason for this post: to help those of us who are lucky enough to be attending to recognise each other a little more easily. I know some of the big mummies have already met each other at other events and previous Cybermummys. I also know that there are loads of new bloggers attending this year and so I think this is a brilliant idea. Here goes:

Name: Susanne
Blog: ghostwritermummy Maternity Matters

Twitter ID: @SusuRem

Height: 5ft 5 (when without heels)

Hair: Mid lenght. At the moment it is dark blond/ light brown but I hate it as the hairdresser did it too dark last time. I’m normally blonde you see and I wanted it a shade* darker. I ended up a brunette and now I constantly look ‘washed out’. It will be blonde by the time we meet at Cybermummy. It’s sometimes straight and sometimes wavy. If I’m in a rush on the morning it will be wavy. Gosh, I never knew I had so much to say about my hair…

Eyes: brown

Likes: coffee, reading, Haribo, um… lots…

Dislikes:  arrogance, rudeness, ice cubes, mugs that aren’t white on the inside,  um… lots…

So that’s me. Have you been over to Mummy’s Shoes to meet the other Cybermummys?



*There is still time to vote for me in the most inpsiring blogger category of the MADs blog awards

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