Note to self…

December 13th 2009, 7.45 pm

Dear me

In a few moments you are going to wake up and the most amazing thing will have happened. You will have a son! He will be wrapped in a blue hospital blanket and he will be waiting for you to hold him and protect him. He will look at you for the longest moment and you know what? You will be fine.

There will be some moments when you feel like running away. You will take him for long walks in the pram because at first, that’s the only way that he will sleep. You will push him for miles with tears biting at your eyes and a tight choking at your chest. You will feel like your world and everything that you built into it is about to come clattering down around you. You will feel like you failed.

You didn’t.

Here is what you need to know:

You will love your children more than you ever thought could be possible, after looking down at a life without them. You will hold them that little bit closer more than once, afraid to let them go incase they go forever. You will love your children.

Here is what I wish you knew now:

You love your son because he is amazing. You love your daughter just as much as you always did and no, she doesn’t feel left out.

Here is what I think you know, but what I hope you remember when you wake up:

You will be fine. You will get through this.

Lots of love (at last), Me.




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