Why kids love being outside: a Cuticura review

Have you seen the Cuticura campaign to get us outside and active? My kids need no encouragement at all, I have to say. 2,227 people have already cast a vote as to the top British outdoor pursuit and if you hurry, you can too!

Here is our family list:

Splashing in puddles. Any puddles, as long as the feet get REALLY wet

Walking up to the edge of the road, back again, then back to the edge, then pottering for a while by the driveway, then picking up some tasty pea gravel before FINALLY getting into the car

Riding on the trike

Riding on the scooter, falling over and getting right back on again (to fall over again)



Finding worms

Digging in the mud with bare hands…

It’s no wonder that I jumped at the chance to review Cuticura’s fab range of hand hygiene products. Those who know my children may know that the big one has a phobia about bubbles. She can’t wash her hands without retching so we always have a bottle hand gel on us. The baby, on the other hand, thinks that washing his hands is the work of the devil and so the hand wipes are a brilliant idea.

So, this summer when we’re out and about, digging in mud, dragging sticks the size of small trees through the grass etc we’ll be taking a bottle of Cuticura hand gel with us. So much nicer than the old mum trick of spitting into a hanky…


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