Bags of Love for my boy

The fantastic, lovely people at Bags of Love sent me an amazing parcel today. Here is a photo:


They put one of the most beautiful photos in the world onto canvas. It’s stunning. This is the most beautiful boy in the world!

When Luka was about four months old, we realised we had no pictures of him around the house. We had taken plenty, but the stresses of everything prevented us from sitting down and realising that we were still here, in the now. We never caught up with printing them until he was a little older. He had professional pictures done but we gave most away and kept only one for us. The house felt a little empty of his picture. He was here in real life, sure, but his sister dominated wall space. So when Bags of Love said they would put a picture onto canvas for us, there was no question. It is absolutely perfect and I cannot even begin to explain how much it means to me. Thank you Bags of Love.


You can find lots of fantastic gift ideas here. You can also vote for me in the MADs blog awards here.


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