Look what you missed

To my “Dad”

Look what you missed! We blinked and you were gone and that was your fault.

We had birthdays and holidays and school trips and Brownie badges and cut knees and road accidents and wobbly teeth and stitches in a chin and stitches in a tongue and casts on a leg. We had daring escapes from broken lifts, midnight feasts and bulging stockings on Christmas morning. We had surprise trips away, we went to the zoo, we met the Queen. We travelled oevrseas by plane, boat, train and car. We saw Disney World and the pyramids and Yugoslavia. We read comics, magazines, books and newspapers. We sat GCSEs, A-Levels, diplomas, degrees. We became nurses and teachers. We got certificates, jobs, houses.

Look what you missed! Two grandaughters, full of life and two grandsons ready to take life for all its worth.

We had pet rabbits, a stray cat that would play in our garden, a budgie and loads of goldfish. We joined the cadets, did gymnastics and played the recorder. We played games and we performed dance routines and musicals in the living room. We argued over posters on walls, nail varnish on nails and rubber collections in tins. We scribbled on walls, we picked wallpaper, we giggled at the dinner table. We danced around the garden and practised kartwheels. We made perfume from rose petals and mud pies from mud. We picked strawberries and we made trifle.

Look what you missed! We had bad times and good times and you missed it all.We played with Barbies and tea sets and stickle bricks and marbles. We played video games, we had sleep overs, we went ice skating and we swam. We cycled for picnics, we went to London on the train. We left home.

Look what you missed!

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