Paper Jamz!

We’ve all been vying for attention in the ghostwritermummy household lately. We all want to be a rock star, apparently. I have much more pressing things to be doing but my husband and the kids don’t. They’ve been literally jamming with the fabulous Paper Jamz guitar, which we were sent to review. First off, I will say that my husband is a musician and has been involved in music for most of his life. He is a musical snob and he has been told that he must not raise our children that way. He tolerates Lady Gaga, he has allowed one Now! CD into his home and he actively encourages boycotting of Radio One. That’s just the way he is. Our daughter has excellent taste in music but I still push the chart stuff behind his back, otherwise what will she dance to at the school disco? So, as I said- my husband is a musician and instantly told me that the three guitars he has already are way better than this one. There. I did tell him that this is a toy, but he wouldn’t listen. It’s a toy… a brilliant one at that! So, ignore my husband (I do) and let me tell you more…

Their website tells it like it is:

“PaperJamz has been voted Toy of the Year in over 6 countries. And this month it has been voted by leading UK retailers in the top 12 Dream Toys this Christmas. You can find yours at Amazon, Argos, Fenwicks, Hamleys, Harrods, Smyths, The Entertainer, Toys R Us and leading independent toy shops. See ‘Buy’ for full details.”

So we got the Rock 2 guitar and we were duly impressed. There are several modes to play in, several play functions, instructions on how to play real chords and various demo tunes too. Think of it as the first guitar, if you will. This is something my husband has been looking at buying our daughter for a long time. This one costs only £25, which is a lot less than the ones he’s had his eye on.

Yes, its not a real guitar. But, as fickle as children are, doesn’t it make sense to save the pennies until you know for sure they really will be the next big thing? Paper Jamz allows children to learn to play and isn’t that the idea?

This gets our thumbs up. Now, where did I put my ear plugs…


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