Ghostwritermummy passes it on

TheBoyandMe tagged me in the Save the Children meme this week, with the aim to raise awareness and signatures for the petition which will challenge World Leaders to make huge differences to the lives of millions of children. It can be no surprise that Save the Children is one of the charities which gets my pennies every time. I’ve signed the petition to ensure that more children are given the opportunity to have important vaccinations which will ultimately save lives.

In the UK, most parents feel a slight dread when the pink slip turns up at regular intervals. Inside that pink slip, is an invitation to protect your child against childhood diseases and your child’s right to live a healthy, long life. Yes, taking your child to have a needle stuck in their arm is NOT fun. Yes, you feel a little mean. But you make up for it by kissing away their tears and telling them you love them. You get to keep them well.

Some parents choose not to give vaccinations and whilst I would never judge another parent for making this decision, I will never make that choice for my children. My mum believes that it was the Measles jab that resulted in my sister’s epilepsy, since she had her first fit later that same day. My mum has never once told me not to immunise my children and did not stop us from having our jabs either. There is no real medical proof, despite my mum’s beliefs. I suppose she felt that to be immunised was more important. And how lucky we are in the UK. We get invited to immunise our children.

Millions of children around the world will die today, because they don’t get that pink slip of paper. They don’t have the same chances as our children… yet. Your signature, like mine, can make a difference. So, pass it on.

The theme for this meme is If you give a child a chance to grow, what will they be?

My daughter regularly changes her mind about this and isn’t that the beauty of being a child? Aren’t we just the same as adults? The point is, she can be whatever she wants to be. When I asked her to draw me a picture of what she wanted to be, this is what she drew:

So now I am passing it on. I would like the Waterbirthplease, Sluiter Nation and Mum’s The Word to pass it on too.

Just ask your little one to draw a picture of themselves in the future.

Sign the petition.

Write a blog post and link it to Red Ted Art or Sleep is for the Weak.

Pass it on.


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