Mum’s Half Hour- get involved!

It’s nearly time for the first episode of the live WebTV Mum’s Half Hour programme, which I blogged about here a couple of weeks ago. The first episode is due to go live on the 10th June at 1.30pm, with Tamsin Outhwaite joining the panel of mums who will be discussing the school holidays and supervision. I know this is a subject that affects so many of us, which is why we now have the chance to submit questions before the show. The first episode is going to be dealing with issues which are close to many parents’ heart: how to keep up with the other mums when it comes to the latest shoes, getting into the right school and the age old question: how on earth do I entertain my kids for SIX weeks over the holidays?! Being a teacher, I don’t need to worry about childcare, but I do need to keep on my toes and have plenty of tricks up my sleeves, particularly when the weather is rubbish!

To get involved, all you need to do is follow the link to the Mum’s Half Hour ‘Join us Live’ page and fill in the question form. Your question could be answered live by the parenting panel!
Here is the link:

So before I head off to submit my burning questions, I’ve got a question to ask you. Yes, YOU. Did you apply for the parenting panel? Or were you too much of a wuss, like me? Actually, I rather regret not applying as I think the whole thing sounds really exciting. But if you DID apply, please let me know. Even better, if you are part of the panel, I would love to hear from you! In the meantime, make sure you tune in on the 10th June- I know I will be.


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