Now the dust has settled…

MAD Blog Awards 2011 Now the dust has settled, I wanted to post about the amazing-ness (is that a word?) that is discovering ghostwritermummy has made the finals of the MADs blog awards. Actually, I feel totally humbled.
To find out I was nominated was fantastic. To find out I am a FINALIST is actually terrifying. I want to explain.
When I started my blog, it was on the recommendation of a friend who suggested it might be a good way of dealing with my negative feelings towards my son’s birth and the struggles we were facing with his health issues. She was so right. Writing has always been my ‘thing’ and writing about my children has been the easiest task in the world, even when it’s been so hard. I have sat at my lap top in tears on many an occasion, just because the words that have been spilling onto my screen have been so personal and so raw.

My sister rang me today to tell me that she never knew much of the circumstances around my son’s birth. My mum has one or two of my posts printed out and stored in her kitchen cuboard (where all the important papers go). My husband bookmarks me and my friends text me when they’ve read something they like. I tell them all the same thing: I can write it much better than I can say it.

What I really want to say is a massive thank you to those who got ghostwritermummy this far. It’s not just about the blog for me, since I decided a while ago that this blog might be more than I originally intended. Yes, it’s an online diary of sorts. But more than that, it is a chance for me to do something. This blog led to Maternity Matters, gave me the confidence to become a media volunteer for The Birth Trauma Association. I’ve also applied to train as a regional volunteer counsellor. I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for ghostwritermummy.

Ghostwritermummy has given me an opportunity to raise awareness of birth trauma, and being a finalist in the MADs is only going to help that cause. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m not going to ask you to vote for me now, because its now quite a personal thing, especially the most inspiring blogger category. The other finalists, A Boy With Aspergers, Not Even a Bag of Sugar, Patch of Puddles and Diary of a First Child are all such fabulous blogs and all so different that your vote will inevitably go to the one which you can relate to the most. I’m more than thankful to be included in such an awesome list!

So thank you to everyone who has got ghostwritermummy this far- you’ve done an amazing job of helping to raise the profile of birth trauma and there are plenty of families who will echo my thoughts.


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