Testube Aliens- an invasion and a review!

We’ve been invaded. They came one night, squeezed grotesquely into little plastic tubes with winking hearts and curled up bodies. They’re growing. Each day they drink their food and breathe their stale air and grow and grow and grow. One day they will break free of their testubes. When their limbs are strong and their will is stronger, they will invade. The one that sits in the kitchen is the leader. He has “eyes that can see straight into his victim’s brain, giving him power to manipulate thoughts, control the victim’s bodily functions or transform them into a bloodsucking zombie…”

Oh, yes. We have been invaded. The Testube Aliens quite literally have taken over our lives. We’ve had this one for two weeks now, long enough for him to grow to adult size. It’s a little bit scary actually. We were sent him to review and at first the big one swore me to secrecy. I wasn’t to tell anyone she had an alien toy because aliens were for boys and boys smell so it had to be a secret. She soon changed her mind when she realised what this toy can do!

We started off by flooding the testube with water to release the alien from its egg.

Well, I did. The big one has a phobia about bubbles and so the foam that escaped at a rapid rate was little short of horrific for her.

Once the alien had hatched and been fed,

it’s heart began to flash red. Red is good. Red means the alien is ok. Orange means the alien is starving and green means the alien is drowning. You can get health checks online.

The whole coloured heart has been a great cause for concern. The first night the aliens were here, the big one kept him in her room and she woke up five times, sure that the heart was orange and her alien was going to die. By 5am I had decided that the alien would be better off in the kitchen…

At last the big one has something to take care of and I didn’t have to get a puppy. She checks him every day and she cannot wait until tomorrow when he will be an official adult. We’re having a party, apparently. If you go online, you can log in and get  an alien interrogation, as well as check up on your alien’s status. You know, to find out when your alien is going to take over the world…

Testube Alien is great fun. It grows! Each day, the big one is amazed and grossed out at the same time. Brilliant. Check out the website to find out more. They’re electronic marvels and I can’t wait to see what it’s going to do next!

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