Congratulations you guys!

MAD Blog Awards 2011
This is just a really quick post before I start to run laps around the house, whooping like the children tend to when there are no vegetables on their plates… I’m a finalist in the MADS blogs awards!! Ha!

There has been much discussion about the awards and feelings that it is distasteful to pimp for votes or exclaim how happy you are to be nominated. I considered these arguments carefully, partiularly when In The Powder Room published this article. I decided, sod it. I’m excited to have been nominated so I’m going to blog about it! You can read that post here.

Today, though, I am not going to tell you how brilliant I am (inspiring, even?) but I will say a MASSIVE congratulations to all the other fabulous bloggers who have made it to the finals. Even if the journey ends here, what a massive achievement, hey?

Ok, so that’s it. Either you vote for me or you don’t. It’s actually pretty amazing to be a finalist so now I really am going to whoop whoop around the house for a bit. In the meantime, go and take a look at the other fab finalists and cast your vote now!


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