Cybermummy 2011

Wow. It’s getting closer and closer. Readers of my blog may already know that the fabulous Kiddy are sponsoring me to attend Cybermummy 2011 and I am starting to get excited! Firstly, how will I recognise everyone? Are we all wearing badges with our blog names so that we know who we’re dealing with? After all, some of us are only known to each other by blog names! Some of us, like me, have a blog name, Facebook name and Twitter name. How on earth will we know who we are dealing with?! Of course, the big mummies will be well known, but will anyone know little old me? So, come on. Who’s got some bright ideas about how to make sure we all meet everyone that we want to meet? There will be no hiding in the corner, after all. There are so many fab bloggers I can’t wait to see, perhaps I will get myself an autograph book… If you are going to be there, please let me know and also tell me how I will know you. The most creative response will win a prize!


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