Maternity Matters- fancy writing for us?

MaternityMatters is now over a month old and apart from a short *ahem* Easter break, Jayne and I have been working almost non-stop to get things up and running. Of course, we would not have been able to do that at all  without the fab contributions that YOU guys have been making.

We’ve published birth stories, articles, experiences and opinions. The contributions that we’ve had are valued more than most people will realise. That’s why we want you to keep ’em coming!
We recently added this page to the site which gives all the information you need to submit an article to Maternity Matters. In return, you will get some lovely exposure for your own blog as well as the chance to publish new material on a different platform and for a different audience.

Maternity Matters only works so well because of the fantastic contributions we receive and Jayne and I are so grateful to all whom decide to support us.

This week we are reporting on Daddynatal as part of our support for dads feature and there will also be another breastfeeding feature too. If you would like to contribute you can either contact me here, or on twitter or Alternatively, see Maternity Matters for more information.


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