Dear Shouty-mum-at-swimming

Dear Shouty-mum-at-swimming

First of all, you shout a lot. It is noisy in the changing rooms, with all those pesky children getting changed and the odd toddler here and there, but your daughter is right next to you. And so am I, most weeks. Secondly, please wear a bra. And a top that is big enough to keep them a bit more covered. Because one of these days you’re going to have someone’s eye out with them.

What I really want to say is, please stop being shouty-mum-at-swimming. Perhaps you could try being slightly-loud-talking-mum-at-swimming instead? That mum would still be annoying but she wouldn’t seem quite so agressive. You could even try being mutter-under-your-breath-mum-at-swimming, if you liked. Have a play, see what suits. Most importantly, its time to stop being shouty-mum-at-swimming.

Also, please stop calling your daughter stupid. One day she might believe you.

** readers of this post will see that I kept my promise and I am still judging other mums. But when they’re in your face you have little option…


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