Are You Up for Mum’s Half Hour?

I was contacted last week and given some information about a new WebTV channel that is launching a rather fab sounding programme called Mum’s Half Hour. The programme will be covering everything from news, fashion, education, sport and health to all other parenting issues and the producers, Startrite, are looking for mums to make up their panel of experts.
I have been invited to apply but I had to admit that the thought of doing it sent me into a mild (with potential for growing to alarming) panic. Plus, the husband said he would never stop laughing at me… The thing is, I know that vlogging is big business at the moment and I’m really worried that me and my blog may be left behind…

I love writing. Its all I’ve ever wanted to do and the reason why I usually blog every day. More than that, it is my chance to be anonymous, a little bit. I mean, I can write it a lot better than I can say it. That’s one of the reasons why blogging appeals so much. But now the rules are changing and we have to speak! I’m ok with a room full of kids, but adults?!

So, I’m in a quandry. I would dearly love to be invlolved in Mum’s Half Hour. It sounds really exciting and interesting and I’m so flattered that I was contacted, genuinely. I want to be involved. But  I don’t want to be on camera! So, who can convince me otherwise? Tell me why vlogging is so brilliant!

If you would like to apply to be on the panel, you can visist the Mum’s Half Hour site, where you can do the whole thing online. If camera talking ain’t your thing, you can still register for information. Tamsin Outhwaite is lined up to do her bit too so it all looks really great. Me? I’m still deciding. Can you help me?!


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