Super sweet: Candles Craft Gifts review

I received some beautiful scented candles from Candles Crafts Gifts before Easter and it has taken me a little longer to write this review since we’ve had such a long Easter holiday! Plus, my husband thinks I have a bit of an obsession with air fresheners and so I have to admit to wanting to choose the right time to try another new one…

It’s not that my house smells, I can assure you it doesn’t. I just like to walk into a room and smell a delicious smell- what’s wrong with that?!

Ok, so my husband is the son of a firefighter and he gets headaches when he’s in the same room as air fresheners so I has a challenge when it came to lighting a scented candle. He just can’t relax when there is a potential fire hazard and an air freshener in the same room at the same time!

The thing is, the candle I received- a delicious Soy Wax candle in fruity apple fragrance- was really quite subtle. It submitted a really pleasant smell into the air without making you want to snuff it out after ten minutes. I can report that the husband did not complain about this one, as he has with some of the comemrcially branded scented candles you can buy.

The Candes Craft Gift website has loads of other products on offer, and all the candles are home-made and organic. There are some beautiful gifts on there too and a list of upcoming events where you can take a look at the products for yourself. Based in Norfolk, its a little too far for me to travel to get my freshener fix, but they do deliver so perhaps all is not lost…

Now, where did I put those matches? I can smell something funny…


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