I quit my job today!

Well, sort of. I’ve finally made a decision about next year at any rate. Or rather, the decision was made for me and it was a lovely decision and oh, well- I didn’t exactly quit my job but I did get a nice proposal that has sorted out my confusion over the whole ‘Am I a SAHM/ WAHM or WM?’
I didn’t like WM too much because she turned into a demon in the morning quest to get EVERYBODY out of the house by 7.30am, but over time this WM has mellowed and she has slipped into a routine that fits at last. I guess it doesn’t hurt that in April I have hardly been in work, thanks to Easter holidays, the royal wedding and the fact that I only work two days. In fact, just to make the non-teachers grumble a little more, I only have just over 3 weeks left until half term and I haven’t even gone back to work yet!
Anyway, gloating over. I think I have finally settled back into work and it’s taken me a long eight months. The head teacher called me yesterday and asked me to stay on next year, on my two days, in year one, on a temporary contract. Um. So I had to quit my permanent position and take the punge, or go back full time and miss the precious time with my son. It was a no brainer really. I’m no more ready to give up my SAHM status than I am to stop working. I want it all actually- and I’m getting it!
So next September I am back in my rightful place with the little ones. I shall quite literally be singing and dancing at work once more. AND I still get to spend quality time with my baby, making up for the lost months. I am happy!


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