How to make flapjacks fit for a future king

The big one and I made a wedding cake...

Last Friday, we threw a garden party to mark the occasion of the royal wedding; not so much to celebrate- we didn’t even get time to watch the wedding- but to give our kids a memory of a special day. Cynical or not, the wedding will be a marker in history books and it made sense to do something rather than nothing. Even the husband, who had been extracted from proceedings to pick up some sundries from B&Q, had to admit that the streets were deserted as the clock drew close to 11.

The TV and the papers claimed that the nation had been ‘gripped’ by royal wedding fever but for me, that side of things had kind of died down a little. I ended up feeling a little sorry for the couple if I have to be honest. Before you shoot me down, hear me out, ok?!

Prince William was born into a family just the way you and I were and we know better than any that you just can’t choose your family. It’s not his fault he was born with a gigantic silver shovel in his mouth. Likewise, Kate (or do we have to call her Catherine now?) has now got a whole new lifestyle to contend with and let’s face it, she won’t get a minute’s peace now. I know she must’ve known what she was getting herself into though, its just that on Friday she made a huge step into a world we can never comprehend. It has been told that a pre-nuptial agreement has dictated to the new bride that she must be pregnant within twelve months and that if anything happens to her and William, she must give up her children to her husband. She has to walk away. I don’t know how true that is but it does say something about her position now. She doesn’t belong to herself anymore, she belongs to the country now. The husband argues that William can always abdicate but I wonder how easy that really would be?

Royal wedding tat proudly on display!

Most weddings are happy occasions and there is no reason why the royals shouldn’t have that too. Facebook has been rife with status’ that read: we’re having a wedding, you get to take a day off work, you’re not invited but you can throw a party in our honour etc etc. Yup, the nation was more divided than anything else. But imagine the hoo-har if they didn’t allow millions of people to camp outside and wave their flags? Imagine if they refused cameras entry to the service and blocked all pictures of the dress until the glossies had had their front page? Like I said, they belong to the country.

That aside, the garden party was fantastic. Children played. Adults laughed. Babies didn’t nap. Cakes were eaten. I made flapjacks for the first time and they were all eaten- success!

Tonight the big one and I will sit down to watch the wedding and then we will put it to bed. This family is going to let that new family be.


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