The story of MY wedding

This post was inspired by The Wedding by Nickie at I am Typecast. When I read her post I found that her wedding story and mine were a little similar in places and far more interesting than the royal wedding if I’m honest. This is the story of MY wedding.

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We had been together for exactly one year when we decided to get married. That was it- no proposal on one knee, no grand gestures and no nerves of the ‘will she say yes?’ type. It was a mutual decision and it seemed like the right one to make. That was in March. We booked the wedding for July of that year. We had been living together for three months by that point, having moved in together quite early on in our relationship; getting married quickly seemed to suit our impulsive natures and we never questioned it at all.
Initially, the invitations (which we made on the computer at home) were going to say ‘No! She’s NOT pregnant!’ since that was the question everybody wanted to ask. Apparently it’s unheard of for two people to get married after a short relationship…

Our first date was set for the 6th July and changed for the 13th, after my stepdad informed us he was going to Silverstone to watch the F1 that day. No worries. We changed it. That’s how informal it was, how determined we were not to get caught up in all the wedding formalities and stress.

Perhaps we were naiive, but maybe we were very clever. We visited a few high profile venues but hated the idea of an enforced top table, speeches and traditions. We decided to have a home style buffet and my mum was drafted in to make the food. And that was it.

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I told my mum recently that I don’t remember organising any of my wedding; she says that’s because I didn’t. I have four sisters, three of whom are also married and my parents maintain that mine was the most stress-free of them all. I always had a reputation of being really laid-back and I guess my wedding reflected that.

A week before the big day, we ambled into a florists and asked for some flowers. We were greeted with shocked faces and exclamations of ‘You’ve left it really late!’ and we, in turn were shocked. Why were people stressing about this? The flowers had been an after-thought if anything!

I walked down the aisle to Air and we said our vows with a few people by our sides and golden sunlight streaming through the open french doors. Badly Drawn Boy played as we signed the register. We stepped out as man and wife, a partnership, into that same sunlight with confetti raining down on our heads and into our hearts.

Later on, we went back to our house for the food. The first thing I was handed was a champagne glass full of Stella and a cigarette (please don’t tell my kids, I HATE smoking now!) and I sat with my friends and family and laughed. We laughed at the fact that I had accidentally chosen the wrong sister to sign as witness; the one I chose was only 15 and so not legally allowed to sign it. We laughed at the best man’s speech and the fact that my skirt took all the top off a cheesecake as we cut the cake. Later, we went to the pub where we had hired a back room with a DJ. My mum took bowls of nuts and crisps.

Our wedding day was not the kind of wedding most guests were expecting or have been to since. We didn’t want all the pomp and formalities and expense. We just wanted to be together and have a party. That’s what we did.

Yes, we got married quickly and yes, at 24 I was young. But it was the right decision. This year it will be nine years since that day and, together, we’ve been through some hard times and some wonderful times. My marriage is important to me; so much more so than my wedding was. We took our wedding video to my sister in Australia, laughed about how many times my husband itches his nose during the ceremony and left it there. We don’t even have a video player anymore. We don’t need it. Once the dust settles and the day is over, the important part begins and that’s the video that’s always playing in full glorious technicolour- right now.


3 responses to “The story of MY wedding

  • KatieB

    That is such a lovely post Susanne, just made me all teary, especially that last sentence – its so true! That is exactly what weddings should be about, it shouldn’t matter about the family politics, the flowers and the perfect wedding breakfast.
    We didn’t want any of that so we got married abroad, had 8 people there and spent the day with our closest family, there, we were sunbathing til 12, there were no speeches, ants ate our cake and we were made to dance to boyzone (something that would have horrified me if we’d got married here but I was so happy I didn’t care). I am a little disappointed we didn’t have better wedding photos but more so because I’d like the children to be able to keep them but I wouldn’t change a thing about it. The marriage is so much more important than the wedding!!

  • tamsyn

    what a lovely, down to earth, but not taking a thing away from the real sentiments and emotions, post…i am sure there will be very few wedding stories as laid back as yours! wish i’d been there!!

    kateb is right, the last sentence is oh so true-it carries on, regardless, and in full technicolour!!

    great read xxxxxxxx

  • Nickie

    Glad I inspired you to write something. This was a great recount – straight from the heart. Thanks for sharing x

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