The Gallery- Green

This week we are being asked to find a photo that represents “green”. Easy peasy. This one:


My daughter was almost three here and just about ready to give up her pushchair for good. This didn’t suit me because I loved our walks. I would plug my ears with music and pound the pavement while she slept, or we would chatter and eat pears and cheese as we marvelled at the trees and the people- a perfect combination. We did at least five miles each day without fail. But then… then she grew up! She started to fight the straps that kept her restrained and sitting nicely. She became Betty Spaghetti and wanted to make herself long and lean enough to fit through the straps and slide out the bottom. She never managed it but the fuss she created was enough to give in. It looked like curtains for our walks by the time this photo was taken.

I got creative. I invented games. Who can spot a post-box first? How many people are wearing hats? Who can see a greeen car first?

The latter was her favourite. Our walks became the green car game. She always won.

Whilst playing that game, unknown to me, the cogs were whirring in her brain. A year or so later, after the pushcahir had long since gone to the tip, she announced that green was my favourite colour. I began to receieve numerous green gifts and pictures from nursery coloured entirely in different shades of green. I was a little baffled. After much prodding of the questioning type, we learnt that she was recalling the green car game and thought that green was my favourite colour because I had always chosen that colour car to look for.

Memories are a wonderful thing. In that instant I knew that my daughter was recalling moments that we had shared together. She was using those moments to form an opinion of me; she was defining me based on the evidence presented to her. I knew then that she was a genius. I also knew that green would be my favourite colour forever.


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