I can’t be the only mum who…

I can’t be the only mum who never wants the Easter break to end, can I?
I love the more relaxed mornings and the long afternoons with the big one while the baby sleeps. I love that after dinner walks are possible because we don’t have to stick to a timely schedule which requires bath and bed at a certain time. I love that the evenings are light enough to potter in the garden after dinner and to practise riding bikes with no stabilisers. I love that, during each school holiday, I remember why the big one is my best friend.

I don’t want the school run to start again. I want to keep this time, now, as it is and store it away for a rainy day. I want to keep time from moving on, just for a moment or two. I want to live these days again and again.

My daughter says I am lovely. In the holidays, maybe I am. When nobody is demanding my time and no thing is requiring my attention. When there are no school shoes to find or packed lunches to make or homework to puzzle over. When there are no alarm clocks or ponytails or PE kits or sponsor forms. I’m lovely when it doesn’t matter what we wear or what time we get there or even how we get there. I’m lovely when we can have extra stories or read for longer before lights out or skip hair wash Sunday because there’s time tomorrow.

My mum once told me that these years, now, were the best years of her life. I think I know what she means now.


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