Metal Mummy’s Movie Meme- Horror

I just popped over to Metal Mummy’s blog as this is one meme I was lucky enough to be discussing with her at its conception (I thought of the name you know! I love alliteration…) and one which I kept promising myself I would join in with. The thing is, I’m not really a movies buff and I never really found the time. Ok, ok excuses over. This week the theme is horror and I am no longer able to put it off. I LOVE horor films. Or, at least I used to.

I was watching Paranormal Activity at the cinema when I felt the first pangs of labour sixteen months ago. I haven’t watched a horror film since. It scared the b’jesus out of me and sent me into a labour that still haunts me today. Honestly, it was that scary.

Pre-PA, my husband and I watched loads of great horror movies. My favourites were always the classic Halloween movies. I loved the way Michael Myers ALWAYS got up after you thought he was dead. And that mask… creepy. Brilliant. We were also partial to a few foreign horror movies and for me, the subtitles add to the tension brilliantly.

Them is a fantastic movie which has you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Rec is another one which unfolds slowly and which uses darkness and suggestion really well. I haven’t seen the US version, the Spanish one never needed re-making in my opinion. Which moves me swiftly on to my favourite sub-genre: zombies.

I LOVE zombie/ end of the world movies. I don’t know why. I STILL love those movies, they’re about all I can handle these days. Maybe it’s the way that you’re never entirely sure which characters are about to turn crazy and want to feed on the nearest person; maybe its the ordinariness of the baddies- the nice old lady from next door with wild eyes and teeth sharp enough to break bone. Maybe it’s the fact that zombies are stupid- some light humour always lifts the tension well in zombie movies. I’m not sure what it is but zombie movies rule.

So I guess I need to choose the ultimate horror movie then? I’m not sure I can. Movies with Satan-type stuff in will always and have always scared the life out of me and I guess that makes them winners in that respect. But for a horror movie that is original, clever and above all scary… I guess there is no way I can choose just one. Them, The Strangers, Rec, Dawn of the Dead, Dark Water and even Child’s Play. Each has a different dimention of horror and each requires a cushion to hide behind and a husband to squeal at. That is all I need from a good horror movie!


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