Listography- MY wedding

Me, on my wedding day

Enough of all the Royal Wedding for the moment. What about MY weddding? Nine years this year, unbelievably. And in that time, yes- there are things that I would now do differently. So thankyou Katekakes5, for this week on Listography we are being given the chance to go back in time and change 5 things about our own weddings. Right.

1. I would not invite the neighbour from back home who ended up getting realy drunk, upsetting all the women and forcing my mum to drive him home early and make me cry.

2. I would invite more family. I only had my parents and sisters and now I wish the rest had been there. It was also up north and I wish we’d done it down south to accommodate more of my family too.

3. A dress. I wore a beautiful (I thought) outfit which was a top and skirt but now I wish I had gone for the big dress. I wanted to wear trainers at the time so at least I did manage to get down the aisle with appropriate footwear but still… if I did it again I would make sure my outfit screamed BRIDE!!!!

4. Photographer. We didn’t have one, not really. My husband’s uncle took the photos and while they turned out really nice, we didn’t get to see them first. When we returned from our honeymoon my mother-in-law had already earmarked the ones she liked best and I *think* there were copies in frames before the plane even touched down on UK soil…

My mum made my cake!

5. Reception. We hired a room at a pub for £40 and now I wish we’d had more of a party. But we were young and we didn’t want a big do. We did exactly what we wanted and at the time that was perfect. Now, though, I know how quickly it goes and how soon you wish you’d gone all out to celebrate in style. Also, we have more money now so…

To my husband, I wouldn’t REALLY change much about our wedding. We had so much fun and I genuinely look back and feel proud that we did it so simply. I still believe that weddings can cost so much in time, money and effort and I still believe that all the formalities are a little too conservative. The above is a wish-list and nothing more.


5 responses to “Listography- MY wedding

  • Kate Takes 5

    Wow amazing cake – well done Mum! We kept things really simple too – but I’d prefer that than a full on wedding of perfection! You look stunning btw – so fresh faced and young!!

  • Alma @ These Precious Things

    Lovely list… It’s funny how relative a size of a wedding is. We only had 80 guests at ours ‘down south’. I say “only” but to my very British husband, that was a lot of people. My parents had another wedding reception planned for us back home, where 250 had been invited (that’s a normal wedding for me! haha!) Sadly, we never made it as found out I was 8 weeks pregnant and it wasn’t a good idea to fly in the first trimester. Love the little note to your husband. You seem a very sweet person and your photo is a true reflection of that. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Sarah @Sarh

    that sounds lovely (apart from the neighbour lol)

  • Emma V

    I love the cake. Weddings are not cheap. £40 for a reception sounds fab to me 🙂 Can’t be as bad as having your reception at a bowling alley. I honestly thought there had been a gypsy wedding as there were loads of kids dressed in wedding clothes at the bowling centre the other week. Ok ok maybe I have been watching too much big fat gypsy weddings. 🙂

  • The Husband

    Don’t worry sweetheart, we can have a huge party WHEN THE DIVORCE IS SETTLED.

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