Kiddy Car Seats- a very thorough review!

Our Kiddy Car Seats arrived last week, just in time for the mamoth journey down south to my parent’s house. The ultimate test, you might say. The baby hates to be in the car for too long, especially in the heat and so the three hours it takes to get there is often broken up somewhat for stretching of the legs and so on. Let’s just say that by the time we get there, we’re all desperate to get out of the car.

Anyway, this time around, the baby had his new car seat to recline in- and let me tell you, this baby reclines! We have the Kiddy Guardian Pro in Capt’n Sharky for the baby and it’s  a lovely design. Unlike the last seat, it fits really easily and straps the child in with very little fuss. There was no swearing and/ or kicking of car tyres from the husband. Also, the baby got a complimentary bandana which is a massive plus.

Kiddy Guardian pro in Capt'n Sharky

So the baby slept for most of the journey and for the rest he looked very cute and grown up. On the way home, he slept again but this time in the upright position. Both positions were fine for him to sleep in as the head guards supported him perfectly and prevented any of that stiff-neck-from-falling-asleep-nodding thing that he sometimes has going on. The big one also reclined in her seat (because she could), the very nicely designed Kiddy Crusier Pro in the bubble design.

Kiddy Cruiser Pro in Bubble

So the long journey was a success on all counts, even if the baby did wake up before we got home and *forced* us to dance like robots to Daft Punk just for his own amusement. But what about the ultimate test for any car seat? The reason why we spend ages choosing them, fitting them correctly and positioning belts etc. How would my new Kiddy car seats stand up to the unimagineable- a bump?

Today we were sat in traffic when a large van ploughed into the car infront of us, causing that car to plough into us. At first, I wasn’t entirely sure what had happened and then, as the baby began to scream and the big one’s faced registered complete and utter shock, I realised. I flew out of the car to tend to them and- thankfully- they were fine. I don’t think the young driver of the van was though- the car he’d hit had a nine-months pregnant passenger too.

I’m pleased to report that everyone was fine and no damage done. And the car seats? They may have prevented whiplash. Both children were securely fastened in and their necks protected by the head guards on the seats. Both children emerged smiling a few minutes later, whilst I stood shaking.

So now you know why this has been titled ‘a very thorough review’. My Kiddy car seats were put to the ultimate of tests and I’m pleased to report that they passed with flying colours! I would certainly recommend these seats- not only are they funky, fun and comfortable, but they conform to every standard going so that you know your kids are safe while you drive.

I don't think the baby was impressed with my robot dance...

*Kiddy sent me these car seats as part of my sponsorship with them for Cybermummy 2011. I did not receive any other payment and I was not asked to write a review. I wanted to share my experience; all views are my very own! I have written this post as part of Love Of Film’s show some respect meme, where I was tagged. This is my thanks to Kiddy for their sponsorship and their car seats.


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