Dukan you believe it?!

image source: healthhabits.ca

I’m pretty sick of hearing about it. Kate Middleton is following the Dukan diet. She’s lost loads of weight. It’s being dubbed the ‘pre-wedding shedding’ of all things. Um, yes. And?

Pierre Dukan must be rubbing his hands in absolute glee. What great advertising for his ‘revolutionary’ weight-loss plan. THE most photographed woman in the world, at the moment, losing loads of weight on his scheme. Perfect PR job, or what?

For the record, the diet does work. I’ve done it myself and it’s not bad. That’s not my point though. My point is that, yes- I’ve been reading celebrity gossip magazines once more. And whilst reading these magazines, I noticed that nearly every other page was linked to Kate and her weight loss in some way or another. We are being subjected to ridiculous before pictures (where the future Queen looks perfectly slim to me) and after pictures (where she looks really quite thin, bordering perhaps on too thin) and quotes from well-placed sources who say they are concerned about it all.

Firstly, don’t most women lose weight before their big day? Either through nerves or determination: I’m sure stats exist somewhere to that affect. Also, what happens now when Kate Middleton decides she will relax her regime and regain a couple of pounds after the wedding dust has settled? Won’t those same magazines then switch to the old ‘Middleton’s middle-age spread!’ or something like that? Aren’t these magazines- and us readers- creating a bit of  a dieting monster here? (Look at Posh- she’s said to be terrified at the prospect of looking like  a heffalump next to Kate at the wedding. Huh?! She’s pregnant and IT’S NOT HER WEDDING. People shouldn’t be looking at the self-obsessed woman anyway!!!)

If we all just ignored Kate  Middleton’s weight-loss, perhaps she would then be able to go back to a more healthy size after her wedding jitters have dissipated. Instead, she is now more likely to feel she has to maintain a tiny frame. And in doing so, sending a message to girls all over the world that you need to look really thin in order to bag your prince. And while we’re at it, whilst I don’t totally buy into the whole ‘Royal Wedding teaches girls to aspire to nothing more than finding a rich man to marry’ I do think that there is now a litte too much obsessing over it all. Yes, she’s going to marry Prince William. Yes, its a big deal. But where will it all end? Why are we obsessed with a girl who bagged her prince and went on a diet? If it’s the stuff little girl’s dreams are made of, then fine. But my little girl still wants to be a pop-star or a teacher or a vet or a dinosaur finder… apparently Princesses are only in books and that’s more than fine with me!

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