Stories under duress, dinosaurs and Royal Wedding Tat

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What are the obsessions in your house? Ours are currently quite varied and the Royal Wedding one has rather taken me by surprise. I’m no royalist and so I am totally blaming the lovely Paula at In The Powder Room for this one. She tweeted a while back asking if anyone was doing anything to mark the big day and it sparked an idea. I ended up organising a whole school street party and for a whole week went to bed dreaming about bunting, paper plates and blancmanche. I kid you not.

Now, the whole Royal Wedding interest has morphed into something of an obsession. I can’t stop buying the tat. I took the McVities biscuits into school and the tin was snaffled before the whistle was blown at the end of playtime. Wow, I thought. People really like this stuff. Why?

I thought the street party would be fun at school because most of the children are not from traditional British backgrounds and half of the girls were execting the mendhi lady to come and paint Kate’s hands before the ceremony. They had no clue about a Christian wedding. Not only that, but the future king’s wedding is a pretty big deal, whether you agree with it or not. Eyes all around the world will be watching. History books will write about it and essays will be written about it. The Royal family tree is extending and whether the tax payer likes it or not, it’s still going to happen. So I decided we should embrace the occasion- any excuse for a party- and it just so happened that the head LOVES a royal wedding, to the extent that she watched Charles and Di at the cinema!!

Anyway, the success of the school party led me to decide to throw a garden party at home. I’ve spent all week alternating between gardening like a wild thing and shopping like an over excited American. So far I’ve bought:

a massive flag with the happy couple’s face plastered all over it



union jack plates, cups and table cloths

a red, white and blue flower for my hair and a union jack head band for the big one

a box of fudge. Which was really a box of fudge with a postcard stuck on the front.

I want more. I want a tea-towel, a cup and saucer and one of those dress up the princess books. I want to hoard the stuff and I want to keep it all to myself. Why?! I hear you cry…

To me, a huge part of being a mother is all about making memories for my kids. I remember the day Charles and Di got married because my mum danced in the street. I remember it being happy and exciting. I want to make those memories for my children. I want them to remember the bunting in the garden and mummy in her wedding dress ( I AM going to do it, no matter what the husband’s view on fancy dress is) the wedding cake they helped to decorate. I want to fill their lives with happiness, laughter and sweet dreams.

For the record, my children share my obsessive nature. The big one eats, sleeps and dreams dinosaurs at the moment and the baby can’t go five minutes without snatching a book and aggressively reverse parking himself into your lap for a spot of reading under duress. AND tonight on our walk after dinner he said “car” 37 times in fifteen minutes.

I dare anyone else to tell me about the royal wedding tat they’ve bought. I even tweeted that I am addicted to the stuff and was promptly followed by @RoyalWeddingTat!!! They have a site full of the stuff. It’s pretty scary, even more so to admit I kind of want the Royal Wedding toasty bags and just you try to stop me with the regal chicken in royal gravy…


4 responses to “Stories under duress, dinosaurs and Royal Wedding Tat

  • Paula

    Ha! Love this! I’m very chuffed to be your inspiration in your quest for tat – I may have actually found my niche there. I had no idea that they showed Charles & Di’s wedding at the cinema! I’m actually a bit moved by that thought…. x

  • mummy@bodfortea

    Actually I wasn’t all that bothered about the wedding, it’s lovely of course and I’ll probably watch it on TV, but now that you mention the biscuit tin I may have to go shopping…. just so that DD has a souvenir you understand…

  • Him Up North

    Swizzels sent me Royal Wedding Love Heart sweets. Just saying…

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