Another MADS Blog Awards post…

MAD Blog Awards 2011

I’ve been reading all the MADS Blog Awards posts and following some of the conversations on twitter. I’ve kept my distance though. Sssshhhh. I don’t want people to know: I actually want to win…

I will admit- I was thrilled to find I was nominated. I never gave it much thought at all until Jayne emailed to say that Maternity Matters had been nominated. Then when I had a look, there was little ol’ ghostwritermummy, nestled amongst the big mummies. Nominated for Most inspirational blogger and Blogger of the year. For someone who started blogging as an outlet for all the pain and anguish that surrounded my son’s birth, it was a pretty amazing feeling.  And since my blog is my space for honesty an truth, I will say it again. I kind of really want to win! I love a bit of healthy competition!

I don’t for one moment expect that I will win (have you seen the other bloggers on those lists?!) BUT readers of yesterday’s post, Why I Believe in Positive Praise will know that I am a sucker for a good competition which involves all who take part trying their best. Oh and a bit of praise will do wonders for the self esteeem.

My nominations are my stickers on a chart, my well done with a smile and my big smiley face next to my name. My nominations are my pat on the back and my incentive to keep going. So, yeah- a win would be great! But I’ll take the nominations.

*Ahem* Of course, if you do want to nominate me, that would be perfectly fine. I’m happy with my nominations but I would be OVER THE MOON to win!!! AND I’m not ashamed to say it either!!

Oh and while you’re at it, you can vote for Maternity Matters too…


2 responses to “Another MADS Blog Awards post…

  • Helloitsgemma

    Well done you! Great post – love your honest approach. X

  • Congratulations you guys! « ghostwritermummy

    […] There has been much discussion about the awards and feelings that it is distasteful to pimp for votes or exclaim how happy you are to be nominated. I considered these arguments carefully, partiularly when In The Powder Room published this article. I decided, sod it. I’m excited to have been nominated so I’m going to blog about it! You can read that post here. […]

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