Inbox Delights

Inbox Delights

What a fab idea from the gorgeous The Boy and Me. I’ve already written a personal thanks to her for her unwavering support since I started blogging and now she has gone and bigged me up in her Inbox Delights! Typically supportive, the post is all about the emails that make her smile… the subscriptions to blogs that she loves to read and I am totally honoured to be on there.
So I am going to carry on this celebration of blogs and I will let you into some of the emails that make ME smile when they appear!

Northern Mum
You probably know all about this blog already. She makes me laugh, she makes me cry. She’s running a marathon, for goodness sake!

Hello It’s Gemma
This lady introduced me to the world of blogging after I had been dabbling a little. She also taught me twitter and got me addicted. She also has a fab blog and her posts are intelligent, thoughtful and witty.

Minty is a real life friend and our babies are in love. I love reading her blog and it ALWAYS has me in tears, happy or sad. She hasn’t blogged much lately so I hope this will give her a bit of a kick up the backside!

In The Powder Room
I adore In the Powder Room. If you’re not a member yet, why not? Formerly Mum’s Rock, this is the place “for women to exchange their wants, likes, desires, trials and tribulations in an open and honest forum. And, more than that, you can have a laugh while you’re at it.”
When the blog pops into my inbox it genuinely excites me as they have so much great stuff on there (oh, and look out for a REALLY great post going live tomorrow *ahem*).

So those are my Inbox Deligts. Oh, wait. Of course, I must mention The Boy and Me. I love her Show case show off (it’s back!) and I think that she is a very accomplished writer. I especially loved her post about the things they never tell you when you’re pregnant. Classic.


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