Review and giveaway: Leap Frog Maths Adventure to the Moon

We’ve been reviewing the latest release from Lionsgate this week, part of the fabulous Leap Frog series of educational DVDs, due out on the 9th May.

The big one, apparently, excels at maths. According to the last parent’s evening, where I sat proudly listening as they explained the true extent of her geniusness (is that a word?), she has already reached her end of year maths target. However, as a teacher I know that levels and the like- whilst important to some extent- do not necessarily account for a child’s ability to use and apply. Meaning: what good is knowing your timestables off by heart if you can’t apply that knowledge to a real life situation, such as buying three bags of crisps at the local shop and knowing how much they cost?

Anyway, it can’t hurt to improve upon geniusness (still not sure that’s a word) so we agreed to review the DVD.

First off, the characters had both the children engrossed. Each episode features a real life situation where maths is required to save the day! There are songs and rhymes to help learn the necessaries and the characters are abe to itegrate sorting, patterns, calculations and logical thinking to each and every obstacle they come across. The big one was literally shouting at the television!

It is based on the curriculum and the areas that children are required to learn in maths. It was, however, slighty too young for the big one. I would say its great for early learners, perhaps reception age or pre-school (3-5). As a teacher i would say that the Leap Frog Maths Adventure to the Moon is an excellent resource because, as a parent, I know that children learn best when they’re having fun!

Some essentials:

number of discs: 1

RRP: £9.99

certificate: U

Running time: 37 mins

The Leap Frog Maths Adventure to the Moon is out on the 9th May but I have two copies to give away to two lucky readers!! All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and RT using the share button. That’s it! The giveaway ends on Saturday at 3pm. Good luck!


** Please note that as the DVD is not due out until 9th May, prizes will be delivered after this date!


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