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Oops! A little late, but here is the Maternity Matters newsletter. We’re one week old! Everyone has been so amazingly supportive and its been a rollercoaster of a week:
I managed to secure a sponsor for Cybermummy, without even realising that I wanted to go so badly! Now that the tickets are bought, I am so excited! Thanks to kiddy
Jayne had already highlighted all of the fabulous content we’ve had on Maternity Matters this week and I think that our contributors have certainly done us proud. So all I need to do is to direct you to the newsletter incase you missed anything:
Maternity Matters Newsletter

I would also like to make a special mention to an avid supporter of Maternity Matters. The Boy and Me has always firmly believed in what Jayne and I are trying to do and she is also one of my most loyal supporters. I know that Maternity Matters has benefited from the support of ladies like her so I just want to say a big thank you and I hope that she will continue to support us so well.


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