Listography- Now That’s What I Call Music

Well. I’ve been trying to do Listography for ages and never seemed to get the time. But this week, well I had to MAKE time, damn it!
I am at risk of losing all sense of cool here *ahem*. But in true honest blogger style, I WILL divulge my first five albums and there will be no fabrication just to make me look like I always had excellent taste in music. As always, I come to thsi week’s Lisotgraphy as a virgin- I don’t like to read the other lists incase they influence mine. So here are the first five albums I ever owned. Please don’t laugh, I was only a child you know!

1. BROS: Push


I’m actually proud to have been a Brosette. There, I said it. I wasn’t allowed to be an official member of the fan club so I made up a whole magazine and certificate just for me. I even had a Bros jigsw puzzle. Wait, have I admitted too much now?

2.New Kids On The Block: Hangin Tough


I was so proud, that I walked around town carrying this 12″ album face out against my chest so everyone could see what amazing taste in music I had. Seriously.

3. Jive Bunny: Swing The Mood


Hey! At least I’m being honest. *CRINGE*

I don’t remember the last two for this list but I what I will give you are two VERY embarrasing 7″ singles that I bought. Now this is really revealing myself, but here goes:

4. Gazza: Fog On The Tyne


Yes. It was me.

5. Spitting Image: The Chicken Song


Oh, god.

Please visit the other entries on the list and PLEASE please don’t tell anyone about mine. Thank you.


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