Save The Children, please

They say that children are the best teachers and it’s true. I can learn so much from mine. Their innocence takes them to a level much higher than adults wil ever reach; they don’t yet know the need for lies.
Perhaps we could all benefit from seeing the world through a child’s eyes now and then. What greater pleasure is there than laughing and playing and enjoying life? Oh to be young and carefree…

Children are not meant to be involved in conflicts or wars or disagreements and disputes. All they ask of us is that we care for them and keep them safe. Children are not meant to be born into a certain kind of life and yet there is nothing much that we can do to prevent it. Every single child deserves the kind of innocence and guilt-free happiness that only some are fortunate enough to get.

Today I have been reading tweets from @savethechildren about their efforts to help the children who are living on the Ivory Coast. Save the Children workers are currently risking their lives to help these children.

On Saturday night, the big one was woken by some fireworks and came downstairs to have a cuddle. She says fireworks sound like guns and bombs when she’s in her bed, alone. Isn’t she lucky that they are only fireworks?

Glenna Gordon at Save The children says that “Children are being exposed to the violence which is ongoing in the Ivory Coast, hearing gunshots and explosions. It’s an extremely stressful and frightening situation for them.”
They are appealing for support. Please take a moment to visit their website to see if you can help.


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