MyCarryPotty- review

Until recently, my son has shown no signs of being ready for the potty. By this age, my daughter had been using the toilet for a good few months and was actually out of nappies by the age of eighteen months; she was dry day and night by two years. I’d heard boys get around to it in their own sweet time and so I wasn’t too worried.
Lately, though, my son has shown an intersest in the toilet and they tell me that at nursery he is sitting on the potty when the others do. We already had a toilet seat for him which he likes to sit on… but he he likes to launch himself off it too and the results can be brutal. He needed a potty and, as if by magic, the lovely people at MyCarryPotty asked me if I would like to review their potty. Well, yes!

The first thing I noticed about the MyCarrryPotty is that it does what it says- you can carry it. Not only that, but you can carry it without fear of spilling wee- or worse- on the carpet as you make the treachorous trip to the bathroom. Instead, the MyCarryPotty closes airtight and allows you to carry its contents safely and hygienically to the nearest loo. Imagine when you’re out and about- that HAS to be a bonus.*
*I have to mention here that when my daughter was little, we carried her toilet seat with us wherever we went as carrying a normal potty was not practical. We once left said toilet seat in a restuarant (in a bag!!) and my husband had to return, very shamefaced, to ask for it back. He got some very strange looks indeed! But I digress…

MyCarryPotty is a wonderful idea. No need now to look out for children’s loos wherever we go and no worrying about spilling things after he’s been. It’s also very sturdy and made from smooth plastic so its comfortable. The fact that it folds away neatly is a bonus too- great for travelling and, well, carrying. Like I said, it does what it says!
So far, the baby has not performed on his potty. BUT he has sat on it and he is investigating it. At almost sixteen months, he is perhaps still not quite ready. He does come and tell me when his napy needs changing and sometimes even takes it off himself (that is always good fun…) so I think we”re getting there. The stage we’re at is all about getting him used to the pottty and comfortable sitting on it, so we’re not doing badly! The baby can cary his potty around himself too, which makes him feel important!
All in all, this is a great product! My mum wonders why they never thought of this sooner and has already earmarked it for future use once the baby is out of nappies completely- travels sickness, anyone?
For details on how and where to purchase a MyCarryPotty, head over to their website or Facebook page and while you’re at it, why not follow them on twitter (@MyCarryPottyUK)?

These views are my own and I have not received payment for this review!


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