Mother’s Day and Maternity Matters

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It seems apt to be writing about Maternity Matters on Mother’s Day. Last year I spent the day with feelings of anxiety and apprehension, with a screaming baby and tethered nerves. We hadn’t really bonded properly then; he still wasn’t on medication that was strong enough to ease his pain and we were struggling to breastfeed. There are a real shortage of photos of the two of us from this period, something I’ve only just realised.
Today a selection of friends and family came to us for a barbecue in the rain. There were hugs, kisses, laughter and chatter. My gorgeous children were with me all day and we celebrated that fact.
My own mum was here. She lives three hours away and we haven’t seen each other on Mother’s Day for years. My friend Minty (of waterbirthplease fame) came with her husband and the fantastically red-shoed baby girl. My friends and neighbours came with their daughter. My mother and father in law came. It was lovely.

In the midst of all the busy-ness and happiness, I thought of all that had changed since last year. For each of us, so much had changed in so many different ways. For me it was the fact that my son and I are now solid. Last year, we were shaky and the future seemed uncertain. I thought of all that I had achieved since last year and I found myself thinking: I have done so much with something once so dark.

My son’s birth had always been such a negative thing. Aside from the fact that my son was healthy, nothing else positive came out of it- that’s what I’d always thought. Until today. Today I realised that my son’s birth had given me Maternity Matters, and Jayne, and all the supporters and contributors. My son’s birth gave me the chance to prove to myself that I could do something- however small- to change things.

Maternity Matters has helped me to see that my son’s birth does not need to be negative any more. Maternity Matters has made me realise that my son’s birth is simply the starting point of something great.
That’s Maternity Matters- something great.

For every single person who has re-tweeted, emailed, texted, commented, read and linked up to the meme- Jayne and I thank you so much. For every contributor, I need not say thank you again.

It seems apt that on Mother’s Day, Maternity Matters is here to help that woman who is in the position I was in this time last year.


7 responses to “Mother’s Day and Maternity Matters

  • Nickie@Typecast

    I love standing back and observing everyone else, sometimes. It does make you appreciate everything, doesn’t it?

  • Alyson

    So happy that you can focus your experience into this brilliant venture, well done to both of youxx

  • waterbirthplease

    It was a lovely day! Just what was needed – and cant wait to see the piccys of the “Man-cooking” under the brolly! You’ve come a fantastically long way in the past year. Despite all the stress you’ve gone through you’ve still found time to be a wonderful friend and support, as well as introducing me to the blogging world. I count myself very lucky we got back in touch, and am very proud of you. Maternity does indeed matter xxx
    P.s – Red shoes caked in mud!!! x

  • theboyandme

    That is the way to look at it, onwards and upwards on the road to recovery chick.

  • The Mummy Bean

    Hi, new to your blog through the BMB comment group. Glad you had a positive day. I’m off to see what Maternity Matters is as I haven’t heard of it yet. Intrigued… 🙂

  • Mañana Mama

    A lovely post – glad you had such a perfect mothers’ day.

    Congratulations again on the launch – what a great way to funnel your experience into such a positive force as Maternity Matters. All your hard work really shows – it looks great.

  • mummy@bodfortea

    Choking up over here *sniff*, so proud that you’re pushing through to positive after everything you’ve been through xxx *wanders off to find a tissue…*

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