Happy Holly Daisy: My All Grow’d Up Cup Review

I have a bit of a thing for toddler cups. I covet them, much like I used to covet shoes, before motherhood changed my priorities slightly. Today was a good day for cups.

The wonderfully fab people a Happy Holly Daisy sent me their award winning My All Grow’d Up Cup to review today. It was an instant hit. Wow. I know exactly why this cup bagged the BANTA award for best feeding and sucking product.

First of all, the packaging of this cup is lovely! It even had a rhyme on the box, which the big one and I sang to the baby… I digress. But actually, packaging is important too. It shows that every little thing has been considered.
The best thing about My All Grow’d Up Cup is that it has its own holder (which comes complete with a trunk, to make an elephant), with suckers so that it can be attached to car windows when you’re out and about, or on the fridge door when you’re at home. The baby thinks that the best thing about it is the elephant noise it makes when he puts the cup in the holder. We all think that the fact that he is able to take his own cup in and out of the holder himself is brilliant! At last the baby has a bit of independence!

I’ve been looking for a new cup for the baby for a while. I think he needs to start drinking milk from a cup now but each time he picks up one of his many, he expects water. Today I put milk in his new cup and so far so good! The novelty factor definitely distracted him from his expectations, which is a real bonus. My All Grow’d Up Cup is funky, fun and practical. What more can I say? I wish I’d invented it. I’ll settle for owning one instead!

If you would like to have a look for yourself and order an award winning My All Grow’d Up Cup, you can take a look at their website for details on how to buy online. They also have a Facebook Page page where you can learn more and keep up with the latest developments with this innovtive and exciting company! Incidentally, the Happy Holly Daisy website has a page entitled ‘What’s Next?’ with an invitation to recommend an animal for the next All Grow’d Up Cup. Hmmm. A monkey would be great. A giraffe would be even better.

Would I recommend the All Grow’d Up Cup? What do you think? Go and get one now, people!


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