We launched!!!

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So Maternity Matters finally launched. Jayne and I did not sleep a wink and for once, the babies were not entirely to blame.
We have posted a huge thank you to you all over on the site today and we are absolutely ovwerwhelmed by all the support and good wishes we have received.
Being at work has been so hard today. I’m rushed off my feet there with school stuff that is never ending and I have been sitting on my hands all day, excited every time Jayne emails an update. I have only just seen the site for myself and I am so proud of it!
So what are you waiting for? Please visit Natasha’s blog and link up an old post that, to you, sums up what being a parent is all about. Get yourself linked to Maternity Matters and join the cause!
To all the lovely supporters, sponsors and contributors: Luka and thank you so much; all the families who need, or will need our support thank you so much… I’m going to go and cry now!


3 responses to “We launched!!!

  • mummy@bodfortea

    Yay! Congrats on the launch, it looks fab and the meme’s going great guns so cry your eyes and have a glass of bubbly instead! 😀

  • The Domestic Anarchist

    Congratulations indeed, you have both done an amazing thing with Maternity Matters. And I for one would like to thank both Jayne and yourself for giving me the opportunity to write about my own birth trauma, it has been cathartic.


  • moonwalkingmum

    I’ve just been over to your new site and thin its brilliant and left you a comment. I blogged about my first expereince of birth as super litlte men a while ago but have now moved my blog, and maybe one day will get round to doing the 2nd experience, not yet though!

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