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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what actually makes a dream school. If you asked my daughter, it would be a building filled with bouncy castles and sand-pits, no sums and very little sitting crossed legged on the carpet. If you asked the children in my class at school, it would be one giant football pitch with plenty of space for the girls to dance and make paper butterflies. One of the great things about kids is that they don’t see beyond what they want right here, right now. As parents, we aren’t made to work that way. We moved to the area we live in now whilst I was pregnant with my daughter, solely for the schools that are nearby. We made plans that far ahead because school is such an important parts of our lives for such a long time. We plan for the future.

When I heard about the Co-operative’s idea of a dream school, I suddenly realised that perhaps adults can dream a little after all. The Co-operative have a rich history of ethical credentials and their latest campaign certainly highlights the ways in which they strive to make a real difference in society.

From the original co-operators, the Rochdale Pioneers, who established the Co-operative in 1844, to the well known branded warriors for revolution we’re all familiar with today- the company has never been short of ambition. Its that ambition that survives today and that lust for revolution that drives the company forward in a world where too many corporations care only about making a small fortune for themselves. The Co-operative are different.

The Co-operative have empowered groups of people to make great changes in their lives… and they’ve created my dream school.

The Co-operative’s Green Schools initiative enables schools to become sustainable and to launch their own campaigns to make the world a little bit better. With complete funding, the Co-operative has helped schools to create green electricity, organise walking buses, fund solar panel systems and more. The Co-operative supports staff with the curriculum and has helped 185 schools create their own green electricity. The Co-operative have helped children to see beyond bouncy castles and paper butterflies- now they can plan for the future too.

That’s a dream school, right?

To find out more, please visit the Co-operative’s Join The Revolution page. There is also a Facebook page.

Apparently, it’s time to get involved. I couldn’t agree more.

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