Angelina and Fireman Sam are a big HiT!

The lovely people at HiT entertainment sent me two DVDs to review this week and I have to say they have been on non-stop ever since!

This week, our TV has mainly been showing
Angelina Ballerina‘s Pop Star Girls and Fireman Sam: Ready For Action!

* Both DVDs are available now, priced £12.99. Both certificate U and available from all major retailers, including

I must admit, I did think that the big one may be too old for them but apparently not! She has been utterly capitavted, particularly by Angelina Ballerina, a character she never really discovered until now. It’s come at the perfect time, actually, as she has just started dance classes herself. Now, we can’t turn around without either getting a leg in the eye (she can kick REALLy high) or an arm flailing in the face as she attempts some of the more complicated moves. Apparently, the Hip Hop musical episode is the best one as it has the best music and the big one is now going to hone her already impressive mixing skills in preparation for her own hip hop party act coming soon…
From a parent’s point of view, what’s not to like? Angelina Ballerina is one of those characters that is beginning to stand the test of time and she isn’t just a simpering ballerina with a tutu who looks all pretty and that. Oh no. She’s cool. She joins a rock band. She fights for her rights. She is feisty and fearless and she is more than a little bit inspirational. The big one is a little in awe, I think.

Fireman Sam was always guranteeed to be a success with the baby. Nobody told him to, but he loves fire engines and all that jazz. His grandad was a firefighter and his first toy was a big red engine, which he proudly unearthed from the bottom of the toy mountain when we played the DVD. He was entranced… for about two minutes. Hey, that’s good for him! The big one decided that the baby was going to be no help to me and so she agreed to watch this one too. Hmm. She loved it. Telly adict, anyone? This DVD has five episodes and I never expected her to laugh so much! Also, it works. I mean, the running commentrary throughout was all:
Ooh, someone’s spilled water- I hope nobody slips! ( a firefighter slipped and broke his leg)
Oh look, that boy’s going to get his head stuck in those railings… (he did)
If you get my point, the big one proudly managed to point out all the safety issues in each episode so I guess nothing was wasted on her with this one.

Both of the DVDs are available from HiT entertainment and both have certainly been a HiT around here. Loveable characters, important messages, a bit of education and a bit of chasing your ambitions. Perfect. HiT entertaiment have also been responsible for Pingu, Bob The Builder, Roary the Racing Car and many other well known characters- most of whom we have loved and laughed with since becomming parents. And the best thing- it keeps them quiet for a moment or two on a rainy afternoon!

** I have received no payment for this review, other than the DVDs. All these views are my own, too!


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