Listography- when I grow up

Manama Mama is hosting this week and so I need to extend my apologies for being REALLY late. I’m always late, I can only apologise.
So this week we are writing our top five of the things we wanted to do/ be when we grew up. I use past tense, assuming that I have already grown up, but actually I STILL don’t think I am doing what I wanted to do. Are any of us??

So, here it is.
1. A novelist.
I used to read The Garden Gang and was always amazed that the author, Jayne Fisher was only nine when she started to write the books. I always promised my mum I would do the same and sadly I never did. They say that there is a book inside everyone- well I think there are about 10,000 000 inside me! I always wanted to sit in a tower and write books. That’s why I opted for a Creative Writing degree. That’s why my mum used to find endless stories in my room and end up tearing her hair out in frustration when she discovered that I never finished them. Not one. I will one day, mum- I promise!

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2. A journalist.
Again, another ambition I really want to fulfill. I actually got a place at journo school when I was 18 but I turned it down to work in a pub for £128 a week. Stupid, me? This is something I have been thinking about trying again just lately, just need to get some funds together/ someone to give me a gig…

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3. A mum.
I’m proud to say, I achieved this one. It may not have been top of the list, but I think it is my favourite job of all.

That’s it. I’m cheating. There really was no other ambitions for me. But if I had to choose now…

4. Newsreader.
I always kind of fancied it and I think I could rock one of Fiona Bruce’s lovely *ahem* jackets…

5. Publisher.
I’m not entirely sure what this involves, but I imagine it means you get to read a lot? I like reading.


4 responses to “Listography- when I grow up

  • mothersalwaysright

    Great list. As a journalist and newsreader who also likes writing stories I can safely say I think we have a few things in common. Oh, and I’m always late too (apart from when I’m reading the news!). x

  • Mañana Mama

    Being late for stuff is a mandatory condition of motherhood (seriously, I had to sign a form to that effect before my midwife would release me from my booking-in appointment) – certainly no need to apologise. I reckon mums run on a different clock to the rest of the world.

    A lovely list, and one that seems well within your grasp and talents. I suspect I will see you reading the news in five years time, and if not reading the news, it will be your book that is the news item.

    Thanks for taking part. Always cheering and uplifting to read your blog, keep up the great work.

  • TheBoyandMe

    The Garden Gang? Oh my word I think I used to read that, what happens in the story?

  • Him Up North

    My wife still has all the Garden Gang books. We read them to our boys when they were little. Remember Grace Grape and the naughty Pea twins?

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