Don’t forget Japan

Over a week ago the worse kind of devastation happened in Japan- you don’t need me to tell you that. This morning Nickie at I Am Typecast posted a link on Facebook with a map showing where all the resulting quakes and aftershocks are taking place over Japan. Nickie says we shouldn’t forge this is going on and I couldn’t agree more.
Today I have watched a video on the BBC website which details how 13,000 people are still missing. Many children who were in school at the time of the earthquake managed to survive and now they face the awful task of setting out each day to search for their parents amongst the rubble.

As parents, we want to be there for our kids. I was speaking to another mum on the school run this morning and her daughter is a little like mine- sensitive and easily upset. We remarked how we would like to go to school with them sometimes and fight their battles for them. Of course, we laughed that doing so would not help our kids at all. We laughed at the image of us following them around the classroom to make sure that they weren’t pushed out of line or left out of a game. We both know that the best thing you can do for your kids is let them be; let them live their lives and learn for themselves. We know that our daughters are going to be ok.
But spare a thought for those kids in Japan who are now facing the inconceivable task that nobody- especially children- should have to face. Searching for their parents. Desperate for answers. Alone.

My daughter and my friend’s daughter will learn their way in life, as will those children in Japan. I hope that my daughter won’t have the same kind of journey that those kids are going to have. I hope that those kids in Japan draw on some of that resilience children seem to have. I hope that we never forget, as they will never forget.

As always, Save The Children are working to help raise money for these children and you can donate online now. My previous post, Through the eyes of Children also has some links to the various organisations who are helping to raise money and aid for those suffering right now.
Today, I will be picking up my daughter from school and listening to her tell me about her day. I will hug her and kiss her. I will take her to the park and push her on the swings as she fulfills her duties as a child. She is lucky.


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