Wet Parents and roundabouts in car parks

I’ve had issues with both of the above since the big one was at nursery and now that the baby is attending the same one, the same annoyances are bubbling to the surface once more!
Said nursery has a large roundabout in the middle of the carpark, with the intention of drivers parking up (briefly) to drop their kids and then moving on so that the next car can move on. Still with me? If you get to nursery and there are three cars ahead of you, you park right at the end, near the entrance and screw the rest of the parents that need to get in. They can fend for themselves. If you’ve a really important place to be quickly, or you’re just running late, you can always go round the wrong way (gasp!) and cheekily park at the front, but be warned- if the owner catches you, you will be named and shamed AND it is really annoying for other parents. SO, often, the parking is a nightmare because some parents abuse the well-intended set up.
Anyway. Wet parents. I can’t stand those parents who drop the kids and spend ten minutes kissing, cuddling and fretting. Don’t get me wrong, my kids have both gone through the clingy/ don’t leave me here stage and it IS hard. But when the staff tell you the best thing to do is to just go, THEY’RE RIGHT!! Maybe its because I’ve seen it at school, but unless they’re poorly or really traumatised, they’re fine once you’ve gone. Wet parents tend to spend ages saying goodbye, prolonging the tears and making it worse. THEN they spend ages outside, waving through the window and blowing kisses. THEN if their car is at the front of the queue, they then spend ages waving through the window, BEFORE even closing the door. Then they spend ages fastening their seatbelts, getting the right gear and waving AGAIN before rocketing off out of the car park like their bums are on fire. I always end up stuck two cars behind, seething.
I like to wave goodbye to my kids. I do this if I have parked in a considerate place, like not on the ridiculous parking roundabout. I prefer to drop and run; they’ll ring me if there’s a problem.
I love my kids.. I love kisses and cuddles and all of that. BUT I have this ability, quite rare amongst some. I am able to surprisingly detect when others may want to move off the car park quickly and not be stuck behind my car. This is usually at 7.30 in the morning when we all have somewhere to go, such as work, else WHY THE HELL WOULD WE BE LEAVING OUR KIDS AT NURSERY IN THE FIRST PLACE??!!

That’s been building for five years now…


5 responses to “Wet Parents and roundabouts in car parks

  • Crystal Jigsaw

    I remember these days well. So many wet parents used to attend Amy’s nursery and it was so annoying. Their kids would stand howling at the door whilst mummy looked on, crying as well and making the situation 100 times worse. And most of the mums who dropped kids off at that nursery were just going back home. Whether they were like me and worked from home I don’t know, but I do know most of them didn’t have a job and were just going home to clean, bake and darn socks. It was a private nursery so money no object for those non-working mums, but why leave your child at a nursery, distressing him or her when you have to leave, only to get home, ring your BFF round for coffee and complain about the nursery staff? Beats me.

    CJ xx

  • Carole

    I’m just so thankful that I have been in the fortunate position of having family to take care of my children in our own home whilst I go to work….can’t imagine how distressing it must be let alone how stressed out you must get in the mornings getting them and yourself ready and dropping a crying child at nursery….it makes me shudder!!!

  • Katie1977

    Am sooooooo in agreement with you there!! That particular roundabout is a nightmare!!!! Having moved now, I have a real appreciation for a real car park lol x love thus blog by the way x

  • mummy@bodfortea

    Wow, that has clearly been building up for a while… glad you got it off your chest 😀

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