From the memory bank- the cranial osteopath

Recently Reflux has reared its ugly head once more; we have been transported back in time a little- and so the memory bank has been opened. With the half hourly wakings and the hours of screaming, my spirits have struggled more than a little and I have been feeling as though I am back there again. “There” being the small bubble world I existed in for the first part of the baby’s life. The bubble world of tears, pain, anxiety and desperation. It was desperation that led me to the cranial osteopath.

Like I said, I was desperate. I had done my research and I knew that opinions were certainly split. Some parents swore that cranial osteopathy had been the best treatment they had sought for their baby. Some parents claimed that their baby seemed to shake off some of the trauma from their birth after a few sessions and began to display signs of being more settled. Some parents in America couldn’t believe that babies born in the UK were not offered cranial osteopathy sessions as standard, since ANY birth has some degree of trauma for a baby.
Some parents claimed that their baby was not “cured” and did not benefit much from sessions… in my sleep deprived, lower than low state, I decided that I would ignore those parents and my motto became ANYTHING IS WORTH A TRY.

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I felt a little like a fraud when I turned up at the small offices in town. I felt like perhaps he would see that I was a selfish mother who simply couldn’t deal with sleepless nights and should never have had children in the first palce. I must add that at the time, my son was twelve weeks old and I was still just performing the duties, without all of the emotions that mums are supposed to feel. Bonding with him was such a slow process, made worse I’m sure by the relentless crying.
The osteopath started by asking me why I had come to see him. I explained his symptoms and he listened! He didn’ brush me off like the GPs had done. He took the baby from his car seat and held him gently in his hands. As he spoke to me, his hands were softly maniupulating my son’s spine and skull and for once, he didn’t stir or squirm. He stared at him. I stared at him.
I never told him about his birth- I didn’t need to.
Emergency section?
I could tell straight away.
Apparently, the bones that led from my son’s skull down to his spine were misaligned and were presenting as though he had been pulled with force. I was asked if my son had been trying to move through the birth canal as he was delivered via the section- he was- and told that a huge force had been used to pull him in the opposite direction. He used an analogy of trying to put your trousers on whilst wearing shoes. Your feet get stuck and so you have to either push like mad or pull them back up. The aftermath of my son’s brutal birth had left the bones out of place and had affected his digestive system too.
Does he hate to wear hats?
Of course. And he won’t sleep on his back?
He won’t sleep at all!
Well, neither would I if my skull was misaligned and I was in pain from it.

We had three sessions. After the first I was told that my son may sleep for a long time and hope was given in the form of a story about a mother who called him to ask what she should do since her baby had been asleep for thirteen hours. His response was to go to sleep herself.
Unfortunately, my son was one of the few who became very unsettled- even more so- after his treatments and he screamed for about five hours following his first session. Gradually, he did start to settle a little more.

All of this coincided with our referral to the hospital and stronger medications to push the food through his system quickly and relieve the pain he was experiencing. This is why I don’t know which side of the fence I sit on when it comes to cranial osteopathy. I think the best thing I got from it all was speaking to someone about the birth and having them understand the horror of it all. Having someone tell me that what had happened to us what not normal but that the effects would not be lasting for my son. With initial fears that his birth may have deprived him of oxygen for too long and that there may be something seriously wrong with him, I needed to hear that.


2 responses to “From the memory bank- the cranial osteopath

  • Mummy Matters

    I have been very undecided on whether to try this out with my son. He too has had terrible reflux and didn’t settle well at night. He is now 25 weeks and although the reflux is still quite bad, he is sleeping better at nights (still not right through) and I figure soon he will be on proper solids and so then the reflux should get much better **crossing fingers**.

    I hope your little boy gets better soon, you are definitely not alone xx

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